Riftworld Legends #2 Review- An Exciting Continuation of a Great Adventure

Riftworld Legends #2 Review- An Exciting Continuation of a Great Adventure

526707._SX1280_QL80_TTD_By Jesse Ramirez

Contributing Guest Reviewer

Issue #1 of the Riftworld Legends series left us waiting for the epic adventure tale to continue, and Issue #2 definitely delivers!

Jonathan Williams and company waste no time getting right back into the excitement. The story picks up right where it left off, with Fiona inquisitively and excitedly learning more about her grandfather’s adventure. Much of this issue takes place in the past, and although there are some interesting things sure to unfold in the present, I’m not complaining! Jackie is an extremely compelling character, with a compelling story that’ll keep us hooked from page to page. The action in this issue is well paced and pristine, which will give you a sense of danger for the characters you’re beginning to form bonds with. This only adds to the drama and excitement of the story, as we see Jackie in vulnerable positions, and we see the true intentions of some of his crew members.

There is a lot of new information to unpack in this issue, and that’s most definitely a good thing! Nothing is forced with this new information, it all comes across as organic and convincing. The introduction of Thora, as well as more time spent with a mysterious adversary will certainly leave you wondering what’s to come in the next issues. Perhaps the best part of this issue is the way it ends. Williams drops an intriguing revelation about Jackie, and also leaves him in an interesting predicament. This issue builds upon the originality and complex storytelling of the first issue, and adds even more depth to the story. It’ll leave you waiting for the next installment of the series. I know I’m waiting!

Issue #1 set the bar pretty high, and issue #2 completely meets the expectations set by its predecessor. Of course, the artwork by Daniel Wong, and the coloring by Paris Alleyne, add so much to this story. It stands out especially in the action scenes. It’s both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful to the story, the expressions and setting are extremely vivid, and help to breathe life into the story being told.

There’s nothing for me to complain about with this issue, and i’m sure you won’t find anything either. Another can’t miss!

Rating: 9.5 out of 10