Silver Age Inspired Romance Comic ‘BULLET’ Has Kickstarter In Its Sights

Silver Age Inspired Romance Comic ‘BULLET’ Has Kickstarter In Its Sights

By Staff Reports

Bullet #1 hits right on target in paying tribute to the almighty Silver Age of Comics whilst still acknowledging the sensibilities of modern day life in the how and why a superhero would react to a neverending cascade of dramatic scenarios that comes the way of a super speedster. This is a silver age inspired romance. Superhero fans will laugh, they will cry, they will applaud this new found epic of heroism told from Indie Comic Book label ‘Altruist Comics.’

Co-writer/co-creator Jordan Alsaqa has this to say about when coming up the idea of Bullet:

“As someone who loves characters like the Flash and Sonic the Hedgehog, it’s been a lot of fun working with Randy, Kath, and Lucas to bring a speedster in the classic superhero style to life. When Randy first contacted me, I was immediately interested in emulating Silver Age hijinks and heroics, and the overall arc of this one-shot promised a more intriguing story than just a simple throwback tale. I think the finished comic provides all the humor, action, and heart you could want from an indie superhero title. And while we hope to explore this universe further, it’s wonderful having a self-contained, complete adventure to offer new readers. “

Altruist founder Randy Stone echoes Jordan’s excitement:
“For a story about a super speedster, Bullet can’t come fast enough. The Kickstarter will be launching soon and I’m so excited to finally hold this book in my hands! I know that readers are going to love it as much as I do.

“I had so much fun developing the story with Jordan Alsaqa. Dale, Jo, and the rest of the cast had lived in my head for so long, it was great to see them finally come to life, especially with the personalities that Kath Lobo drew them with. I’d be shocked if anyone doesn’t fall in love with our leads! It was also a pleasure having Lucas Gattoni on board for another project and I look forward to our next collaboration.“

BULLET #1 drops on Kickstarter on the 16th August and will run for 30 days. Click here to support.

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