Skyward #1 Review: The World Turned Upside Down

Skyward #1 Review: The World Turned Upside Down

By Nolan P. Smith

What if gravity just stopped existing? How would everyday life be? That’s the premise of Image Comics latest hit debut, Skyward.

From Joe Henderson, Lee Garbett, Antonio Fabela, Simon Bowland, and Rick Lopez Jr, this is one heck of a first issue. The story focuses on Willa, who lost her mom the day gravity went away, and how her life is in a world with no gravity. The world created here is so fascinating, the characters so likable, and the hook, the hook is so good. Willa, who has never known the world before. She loves this world, her dad? Not so much, he hates it. It took his wife away, and he may have had something to do with it.

Garbett’s artwork is amazing and really makes this bizarre world come to life. Henderson’s script is one that is a simple yet well-executed premise, one I personally haven’t seen done. I was blown away by Skyward, and I don’t care if I sound cheesy, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to this new series. Highly recommended!

Rating: 10 out of 10