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Super7 Announce Silverhawks Wave 4 Pre-Orders + Bonus!

Super7 Announce Silverhawks Wave 4 Pre-Orders + Bonus!

By Staff Reports

Partly metal, partly real, and totally back from your childhood memories! Super7’s latest wave of SilverHawks ULTIMATES! Figures feature Quicksilver, Steelheart, Mon*Star, and Buzz-Saw with all-new deco and weapon birds based on the iconic 1980s toy line. The heroes and villains of the Limbo Galaxy will be making their way from your adolescent army of action heroes to your adult assemblage of awesome collectibles with the new, retro-toy-inspired SilverHawks ULTIMATES! by Super7!

Exclusive Super Pack

Assemble the complete SilverHawks ULTIMATES! Wave 4 collection and receive an Exclusive Super Pack! Alternate heads for each of these characters! Available only with the purchase of the full wave of Super7 ULTIMATES! Figures from 

Pre-Order today at

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