The Beauty #2 Review: Looks to Die For

The Beauty #2 Review: Looks to Die For


Review by Daniel Schwartz

Contributing Guest Reviewer

On the heels of the very successful launch of the first issue (it even had its own hashtag: #beautyfree) of this compelling series, the second issue continues the story and dives deeper into the mystery of the disease and its deadly consequences.

The second issue focuses on Foster and Vaughn’s investigation into the Beauty-related spontaneous combustion deaths that have been occurring (including one on live TV) and the government’s attempt to cover them up. With 200 million Americans infected and people bursting into flames daily, the clock is ticking for Detectives Vaughn and Foster to discover what the government knows (and knew) in order to prevent the mass death of millions.

In my opinion, the entire premise of the series is amazing. If people could catch a disease that made them beautiful with almost no side effects (that they know of), how many millions around the world would catch it on purpose? The series takes a hard look at our current society and the obsession with looks that drives people to do seemingly crazy things to obtain or keep their beauty.

Just like the first issue, this book kept me turning pages and feeling sad that I had reached the end. With Jeremy Haun’s spot-on artwork, easily relatable characters, and the growing conspiracy behind the disease, The Beauty #2 is a must-read.

Rating: 5 out of 5. Great story. Great Art. What more could you ask for?

Publisher: Image Comics

Story: Jeremy Haun and Jason A. Hurley

Artwork: Jeremy Haun

Colors: John Rauch

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