The Beauty #14 Review: The Narcissus Killer

The Beauty is as stunning as ever By Daniel Schwartz Publisher: Image Comics Writer: Jason A. Hurley and Jeremy Haun Artist: Thomas Nachlik Dying to be beautiful has just taken on a whole new meaning. Aside from the eventual spontaneous combustion that will kill all “Beauties”, they now have the Narcissus Killer that may just beat it to the punch.

The Beauty #7 Review: Revenge of The Beauty

By Daniel Schwartz Contributing Guest Reviewer Hot on the heels of the amazing first story arc of the groundbreaking series The Beauty, Jeremy Haun, Jason Hurley, and Mike Huddleston introduce fans to new characters and new corners of The Beauty universe. With agents Foster and Vaughn (who featured prominently in the first arc) nowhere in sight, fans are introduced to […]

The Beauty #4 Review: Under the Gun

By Daniel Schwartz Contributing Guest Reviewer (Victor Valley)– Following the shocking revelations from the third issue, agents Foster and Vaughn continue to run for their lives as they attempt to expose the truth behind the Beauty before millions of people burst into flames. Dodging a deadly and skilled assassin, the two agents and their anti-beauty allies attempt to reveal the […]

The Beauty #2 Review: Looks to Die For

Review by Daniel Schwartz Contributing Guest Reviewer On the heels of the very successful launch of the first issue (it even had its own hashtag: #beautyfree) of this compelling series, the second issue continues the story and dives deeper into the mystery of the disease and its deadly consequences. The second issue focuses on Foster and Vaughn’s investigation into the […]

The Beauty #1 Review: Looks Are Everything

Review by Daniel Schwartz Contributing Guest Writer Publisher: Image Comics Writers: Jeremy Haun / Jason A. Hurley Artist: Jeremy Haun Having won Top Cow’s Pilot Season contest back in 2011, The Beauty finally comes to print for Image Comics on August 12, 2015. Imagine a world where everyone is dying to catch a sexually transmitted disease. In this case, the […]