The Consultant: If Superman wanted off of death row, he wouldn’t call Matt Murdock; he’d call The Consultant

The Consultant: If Superman wanted off of death row, he wouldn’t call Matt Murdock; he’d call The Consultant

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A Message from Creator/Writer Jason Sterr

There’s no denying the good that Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, and Captain America do. If I lived in Gotham, Metropolis, or 616 New York I would be more than grateful for the countless times they’ve saved the world. But gratitude doesn’t equal trust. We’ve all come to realize that people in power, people that we “look up to”, do some pretty twisted things. Politicians. Celebrities. Movie Producers.

People with power have the darkest secrets you can possibly imagine. The trick is hiding them; and that’s how Marcus Greenberg makes his money. There’s no story he can’t kill, no sin he can’t bury, no witness he can’t disappear. He is the go-to-guy for making super sins fade away. So, if you have a problem that can’t be bought, if no one will help you bury the body, if you can afford him, then maybe you can hire The Consultant.

THE CONSULTANT provides the best of both worlds, in regards to comic genres.  For the fan of superhero comics, this book flips the standard narrative on its head and deals with the lucrative fallout of super-powered hissy fits in the middle of New York.  For the fan that typically avoids capes and cowls, THE CONSULTANT draws your apprehensions into center stage and broadcasts them for the world to see.

I want the reader to have a damn good time as Daniel (the artist) and I take their suspension of disbelief and tie it to the reality of just how truly awful someone with the powers of a god, and the ego to match, would act in this day and age.

THE CONSULTANT might just be coming out in December, but it’s a story that has been floating around in my head since my last deployment. The idea burned itself into my mind on an asphalt tarmac in an undisclosed area of Southeast Asia. My unit had just finished a massive exercise that left the ramp looking like the set of Sanford & Son. I know that my team and I were looking at least two days’ worth of work, in 120 degree heat; I also know that there was no amount of money I wouldn’t have paid for someone to make that mess just go away.

After those brutal two days of hell, I finished the first draft of what would become THE CONSULTANT in about a week. Sometimes I think it’s the only thing that kept me sane down range. Though it’s gone through a few changes over the years, it’s finally ready for print. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did writing it. 

Preorder THE CONSULTANT #1 with the Diamond item code OCT171051. Look for it in comic book stores on December 6, 2017.

Writer(s): Jason Sterr
Artist Name(s): Daniel Mainé
Cover Artist(s): Simon Fraser
32 pgs./ M / FC