Spencer & Locke 2 #4 Review

By Kevin Hoskinson This chapter in the life of Spencer and Locke comes to its shocking conclusion in the last issue of Action Lab Danger Zones “Spencer & Locke 2”. In this sequel, Detective Locke and his partner Spencer have been on the trail of a psychotic killer named Roach Riley, who is wreaking havoc through the city. Star reporter […]

This Love So Brief Review

By Kevin Hoskinson From Action Lab comics comes “This Love So Brief,” a collection of personal stories by comic book artist and writer, Fred Chao. Originally from the California Bay Area, Fred had had his ups and downs, especially when it came to his career and relationships. His whole life he wanted to be a comic book artist, but he […]

Spencer and Locke 2 #3 Review

By Kevin Hoskinson Roach Riley’s rampage continues in the fascinating third issue of “Spencer & Locke 2”, tearing a city apart and leaving behind a trail of collateral damage, both physical and mental. The last time we saw Detective Locke and his imaginary partner Spencer, it seemed like it could be the end for them. Locke was on trial before […]

Spencer & Locke 2 #2 Review

By Kevin Hoskinson The trial of Spencer and Locke begins in the second issue of part two of the series. And it is easily one of the most thrilling issues of the saga so far. In the last issue, Detective Locke was dealing with the aftermath of his actions from the first part of the series. He was suspended from […]

Spencer & Locke 2 #1 Review- Back in Action

By Kevin Hoskinson Spencer & Locke first came on the scene in 2017, and it quickly grew a huge cult following. The series was a unique story that combined the wonder of “Calvin and Hobbes” and the dark grittiness of “Sin City” to create one of the best psychological thrillers to hit the shelves in a long time. The story […]

Cold Blood Samurai #1 Review

By Steven Seggerman What do you get when you take The Last Samurai, turn Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast into reptiles, then mash it up with The War of Mice and Frogs? You get this unique twist on real and tumultuous times in our history. We see the internal struggle for peace from our main character, who […]

You Are Cordially Invited to the Hostage Situation of the Century in Action Lab’s Going to the Chapel

By Staff Reports When a conflicted bride’s wedding is taken over by bank robbers, she’ll discover love is the ultimate hostage situation: that is the premise of Going to the Chapel, hitting stores this fall from Action Lab: Danger Zone. Get ready to say yes to distress in Going to the Chapel, an insanely action-packed romantic comedy from Ringo Award-nominated […]

Action Lab’s Spencer & Locke 2 Declares War on Your Favorite Funny Pages With New Villain Roach Riley

By Staff Reports The critically acclaimed, five-time Ringo Award nominee returns in SPENCER & LOCKE 2, from writer David Pepose and artist Jorge Santiago, Jr.! Suspended by Internal Affairs, Detective Locke continues to grapple with the demons of his past alongside his trusty partner, his imaginary talking panther Spencer. But when Spencer and Locke face the murderous Roach Riley, a […]

Albert Einstein: Time Mason Volume 1 – Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars combine for an adventure through the ages

By Staff Reports He’s got the mind! He’s got the moves! He’s got the mustache! Join brilliant scientist and daring adventurer, Albert Einstein, as he fights alongside a secret interdimensional agency called the Time Masons to protect the integrity of our timeline. Set your watches for the release date this March of Action Lab Entertainment’s ALBERT EINSTEIN: TIME MASON VOLUME […]

Cold Blood Samurai Volume 1: The life of a samurai, inspired by the works of Kurosawa and the anthropomorphic animals of Disney

By Staff Reports Creator Massimo Rosi shares the story of COLD BLOOD SAMURAI with us this March! “Blood runs wild in feudal Japan, with the violence of the sword of Takeshi Kitano and the purity warrior’s soul that searches for a perfect death, which is difficult when trapped in a war that doesn’t concern him. The greatest living warrior is […]

Athena Voltaire and The Golden Dawn: The Nazi Fighting Aviatrix Returns in Another High-Tension Adventure

By Staff Reports Athena Voltaire travels the world on dangerous missions to find fantastic ancient artifacts. In her latest adventure, she goes to Portugal to find a previously undiscovered Da Vinci Codex. But not all is as it seems with Athena and her companions finding themselves up against the Nazis’ mysterious Golden Dawn Society. THE GOLDEN DAWN is the second […]

VAMPLETS AND THE UNDEAD PET SOCIETY #1 Marks the Beginning of Epic Tales of Mayhem, Mischief, and Horribly Hysterical Happenings

By Staff Reports VAMPLETS AND THE UNDEAD PET SOCIETY are epic tales of mayhem, mischief, and horribly hysterical happenings all surrounding adorable but sweetly sinister Baby Vampyres, their monster friends and undead pets. BEWARE THE BITEMARES! is a weird and wacky adventure into deeper parts of Gloomvania, the true home world of the Vampyres and the origins of the dreaded […]

SDCC: Action Lab’s SPENCER & LOCKE 2 Puts New Spin on Classic Newspaper Strips With New Villain Roach Riley

By Staff Reports His partner’s imaginary… but the madness is all real! Can Spencer and Locke survive their deadliest foe yet? SPENCER & LOCKE 2 is due in stores and Digital Devices Winter 2019 from Action Lab: Danger Zone. Writer: David Pepose Artist: Jorge Santiago, Jr. Colorist: Jasen Smith Letterer: Colin Bell Main Covers by Jorge Santiago, Jr., Variant Covers […]

Action Lab Entertainment’s SDCC 2018 Exclusives

By Staff Reports Action Lab Entertainment has several exclusive covers and other items that will be available at San Diego Comic Con in limited quantities. Action Lab is located at Booth #1735. These are the all-age comic book exclusives available at the show: ATHENA VOLTAIRE ONGOING #5 Writer(s): Steve Bryant Artist Name(s): Yusuf Idris (art), Emily Elmer (colors) Cover Artist(s): […]

The Consultant: If Superman wanted off of death row, he wouldn’t call Matt Murdock; he’d call The Consultant

By Staff Reports A Message from Creator/Writer Jason Sterr There’s no denying the good that Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, and Captain America do. If I lived in Gotham, Metropolis, or 616 New York I would be more than grateful for the countless times they’ve saved the world. But gratitude doesn’t equal trust. We’ve all come to realize that people in power, people that we […]

Spencer & Locke #1 Review

By Kevin Hoskinson Spencer and Locke are detectives working the beat in a seedy side of town. The town is full of crime and debauchery, plenty of stuff to keep them busy. Night by night, they patrol the streets, finding bad guys, investigating murders, and ridding the streets of crime. They are a crime solving duo, the best of friends. […]