Time is Running Out: Support The Dark Tales of the Brothers Harrow on Kickstarter

Time is Running Out: Support The Dark Tales of the Brothers Harrow on Kickstarter


By Nolan P. Smith

Pastrami Nation

(Victor Valley)—Last time, I introduced the world to the Kickstarter project known as the The Dark Tales of the Brothers Harrow. A graphic novel project with a gripping story and intense visuals, the book stands out on Kickstarter instantly. Well, now there are only  few days left to fund this project, so if there was ever a time to kick start this, it is now! How did the story come to be, and how has the Kickstarter campaign done so far? For this, I reached out to the enigmatic Brothers Harrow.

First, here is the link to the Kickstarter project!

As I had said before, the minds behind this book, the Brothers Harrow, are extremely mysterious. Who are they? I haven’t the slightest clue, and I am not alone, as the artists are in the dark on this as well. So when I reached out to the Brothers Harrow with a few questions, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Here’s what I got back:

Pastrami Nation: What inspired you to make this project?

The Brothers Harrow: We see ourselves as alchemists distilling our inspirations into three vials. Each representing the solute and solvent to our solution. The vials? Blade Runner for Film, The Sandman for Comics, Princess Mononoke for Animation. The experiment? How could we combine such potent ingredients to form one magic potion, equal parts cinema, animation and comic? The Dark Tales of The Brothers Harrow is our result. Our way of combining our influences and passions into one entertainment experience. A graphic novel that reads like a comic with the cinematic quality of film.

Pastrami Nation: How has the reception been from the Kickstarter so far?

The Brothers Harrow: So far the results have been very positive. It seems people of all walks of life and all kinds of sensibilities can find something to enjoy in the Dark Tales. Very inspiring to see traditional comic fans like the work along with film enthusiasts who haven’t really paid attention to comics before. That is our goal, to appeal to fans of storytelling no matter the preference of medium. 
There are worlds beyond our paradigm that beg to be lived in, we merely serve as the summoners of the portals to these worlds.

To me, it looks like the brothers have achieved what they set out to do: the project looks and feels like something from a cinematic universe, yet follows the panels and storytelling of the sequential art known as comic books. Make sure to check it out and support it!

Here’s the project info once again, right from the source:

Volume 1 collects the first two issues of two sci-fi fantasy titles – The Delta and Avalon: The World Within. It contains over 130 pages of beautifully cinematic comic goodness.

Our goal is for the reader to experience the cinematic quality of film while merging the complex narrative styles of comics and literature.

AVALON: The World Within is a dark fantasy epic about a man who loses everything he loves and owns. And finally…loses his belief in himself. At his darkest hour, he awakens to the reality of an enigmatic fantasy world that mirrors earth, Avalon. Malcolm’s only wish is to find a way back home, but he soon finds himself at the center of a deadly conflict between six powerful entities vying for the rule of Avalon.

THE DELTA is the story of a self-righteous ex-military firefighter that awakens from a coma, twenty years after the chaos of Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans is now a dangerous post-apocalyptic nightmare and our hero fights his way through the dystopian Underworld to investigate his son’s disappearance only to discover that the answer lies in the darkness of his past.

Pale Raven Studios is a combined effort of VFX artists, writers, and illustrators dedicated to forging the future in storytelling; from comics, to games, to film and everything in between.

Who are The Brothers Harrow? That question has yet to be answered with any fidelity. Are they trapped in a distant realm unable to return? Inter-dimensional time travelers gathering journals of their trips into the far reaches into the unknown? Dreaming hermits only able to communicate through stories? No one knows. But we do know that they have communicated with the illustrators of the stories, Alex and Levente.



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