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Top Ten Most Wanted WWE Figures

Top Ten Most Wanted WWE Figures

By Jason T. Smith

Creative Editor

I’ve been a wrestling fan since the early 90s when my brothers and I watched WWF religiously on weekends with our dad, so it’s no surprise we were into wrestling figures. Since WWF was the majority of what we watched, we had many of those WWF figures from Hasbro at the time, with different action features like the “Hulk Hug” and the “Jail house Jab.” Those were great figures for their time until the mid-90s when Jakks Pacific took over the WWF license. Jakks did a nice job giving us more realistic figures with better articulation. Fast forward to 2009, and toy giant Mattel takes over the license, and we’ve got the best WWE figures to this day. There are basic ten-dollar figures, but I’m talking about the fantastic Elite figures, which typically have extra accessories, heads, hands, and definitely better articulation, and the insanely detailed Ultimate Editions, which have even more accessories and even better articulation. Elites and Ultimate Editions are some of my first stops on a toy run, but I do wish Mattel would, how should I say this, widen the spectrum. Don’t get me wrong, the Ultimate Warrior and Lesner Ultimates are excellent, but why not give other wrestlers the Ultimate treatment before doing another version of the Warrior? I’ve compiled a list of the top ten WWE figures I’d love to see in Elite or UE form, with number one being my most wanted.

10. Repo Man(Elite)– The ’90s were full of gimmick wrestlers, and I think Repo Man would make a perfect Elite figure, complete with his tow hook to “repossess” his opponent.

9. Hardcore Holly (Elite)– You can’t mention the Attitude Era without mentioning Hardcore Holly, and what better way to do him justice than with an Elite figure complete with a scale to weigh his opponents to see if they even weigh enough to be in the ring with the super heavyweight and an alternate open palm to slap the hell out of guys like the Big Show and Mark Henry because they didn’t meet his weight requirements

8. Chyna (Wrestlemania 15, Ultimate Edition). Speaking of the Attitude Era, you can’t mention it without mentioning Chyna. And I think we all want her in that ring gear in Ultimate Edition glory, complete with multiple heads and hands, as well as the steel chair she used to turn on Kane in his match with Triple H, which we all saw coming.

7. Mike Tyson (Wrestlemania 14, Ultimate Edition). Given how good that Comic Con exclusive Muhammed Ali Ultimate 2 pack is, it’s only a MUST that Mattel gives us Tyson in the same format, one boxer Mike, and one Wrestlemania 14 special enforcer Mike.

6. The Mountie (Elite). The Mountie was one of the most iconic gimmick wrestlers of the early 90s, and it’s only fitting he gets an Elite figure complete with a shock stick and a bucket of water so he can electrocute your Bret Hart figures.

5. Kona Crush (Elite). My favorite version of Crush lets give him the Elite treatment in all his purple and yellow glory, complete with a set of hands ready to cranium crush your other figures

4. Koko B. Ware (Elite). The Birdman needs an Elite figure. He was one of the most vibrant, memorable wrestlers of the 90s, so it’s only right to Elite him, complete with those excellent googles and his parrot Frankie.

3. Legion of Doom Animal (Ultimate Edition). While the greatest tag team ever has received the Elite treatment, I feel LOD deserves Ultimate Editions. I can already see them hanging on the shelves, and they’d be perfect figures to have chase variants with the blue shoulder pads, or I don’t know, maybe Target gets the red ones, and blue are Walmart exclusive—you’re welcome, Mattel. Seriously though, these guys were way too iconic not to have ultimate editions with multiple heads and, of course, Tag Team title belts.

2. Legion of Doom Hawk (Ultimate Edition)-No surprise that if Animal were number 3, Hawk would be number 2. He’s my favorite of the two, and given some of the iconic facial expressions he made, he and Animal MUST be given Ultimate honors.

1. Nailz (Elite)– In the early 90s, there was a time when the Big Boss Man, the policeman wrestler, was getting threats from a prisoner in a jail cell, and that prisoner would eventually show up on Wrestling, coming out of the audience and attacking the Boss Man, beating him senselessly with his own nightstick. Well, that was my boy Nailz, and back then, I was young and didn’t know about scripted matches, so I thought it was real, and it was kinda scary watching him destroy jobbers in the ring week after week. Kinda scary but kinda cool, as I tend to root for bad guys, and Nailz was bad. I wanted his Hasbro figure that came out at the time, but I could never find it, you know, the cool guy in the orange jumpsuit with “Jailhouse Jab.” Well, over the years and different toy companies, I always wondered if they’d make a Nailz figure since they would do some other wrestlers from that time. It wasn’t till years later when I read about an incident that happened backstage involving Nailz and Vince McMahon, and that’s why I know there won’t probably ever be another Nailz figure, unfortunately. Thus, I am working on a custom Nailz Elite figure, which I will share when completed.

So there’s my WWE want list, fresh off the nostalgia train. Please, Mattel Please. And please, all of you reading this, I’d love to hear who you’d want to see in Elite or Ultimate form.

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