Justice League Review: A League of Their Own

DC’s Elite Supergroup Hits the Silver Screen with Justice League By Nolan P. Smith The day has come: the much-beleaguered film has finally seen the light of the day. When you think of the DC Comics universe, there is no bigger team than the Justice League. Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, Cyborg, and the…Read moreRead more

The Justice League Trailer is Here: Top 5 Stand Out Moments

Justice League

The Justice League film releases this November By Nolan P. Smith Unless you have been living under a rock, you heard that the trailer for the Justice League movie released this Saturday. Warner Bros. Pictures has united the league and looks to make an impact later this year. The trailer shows 5 of the league’s…Read moreRead more

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

The Dark Knight versus the Man of Steel- Welcome to Batman V Superman By Nolan P. Smith (California)– DC Comics had made no secret that a lot is writing on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Having some lackluster outings at the box office in the past (Green Lantern, Jonah Hex, Superman Returns), this film…Read moreRead more

Batman V Superman Trailer Leaked! Check it out!

By Nolan P. Smith “Do you bleed? You will.” Batman V Superman, the teaser trailer is up now! Not the best quality, but go check it out! https://vid.me/e/NlzG

The Batmobile and Batman Revealed: What Do You Think?

By Nolan P. Smith By now, everyone has probably seen the pic of Ben Affleck as Batman for the new Superman/Batman movie, as well as his Batmobile. Now, from what I have seen, the reactions are mixed: some absolutely love the look, and some say the ears are too short, or the suit isn’t original…Read moreRead more

Comic Book Movie News: Robert California is Ultron, Bradley Cooper is a Fuzzy Raccoon, Daredevil is Batman and Walter White Isn’t Lex Luthor?

By Nolan Smith-Pastrami Nation Sorry for the lack of updates, life has had its ups and downs lately. Regardless, there has been tons of super hero movie news in the last few days: some good, some odd, and some disappointing. When I say disappointing, I am not talking about Ben Affleck. That’s later in this…Read moreRead more