Comic Book Review: The Recount #1

By Carlos Melgarejo Picture a nightmare scenario of today. With that in mind, you have The Recount. The Recount #1 is from Scout Comics and by Gabriel Ibarra, Johnathan Hedrick with Sunil Ghagre, and Cristian Docolomansky. The Recount pulls no punches in showing you immediately what this story is about. Or where it’s getting to. Using Corinthians 15:51, Behold, I […]

The Scumbag #1 Review

By Carlos Melgarejo There hasn’t been many books I’ve been this eager to read about; this is one of the few stories that can have a real impact in comics. This manner of blending comedic, drama, action, and spy-thriller, with the last faith in humanity left to the most incapable hands imaginable, has been done before, but not by the […]

Comic Book Review: Assassin and Son #1

By Carlos Melgarejo There are no true heroes in this world, only villains. Is a killer with a conscience genuinely different from the normal man? This first issue sets this question early. Placed Twelve years ago, Donovan Braddock – The Horseman of Death. A trained assassin, given a new life, and with the skills to match this task. One of […]

Dungeons & Dragons A Darkened Wish #1 Review

By Carlos Melgarejo Written by B. Dave Walters and illustrated by Tess Fowler Laron, Moonshae Isles- Present day The Dungeons and Dragons franchise is as popular as ever, and with the new series from IDW, we get more from the original world building fantasy game. Let’s jump into this Dungeons and Dragon style: story first. An approaching enemy forces of […]

Murder Falcon #1 Review: Welcome to the Metal

By Carlos Melgarejo Welcome to the over the top, heavy metal, 80’s inspired action love letter that is ‘MURDER FALCON.’ Murder Falcon is written and drawn by Daniel Warren Johnson, published by Image Comics and is fantastic. Almost immediately you are put into a world of danger, action and monsters appearing and attacking the populace, our conventional means of defense […]