Scrimshaw Vol. 2 #1 Review

By Kevin Hoskinson Sometimes, you open a new book and instantly know that it’s going to be unlike anything you have ever seen before. Everything seems new and fresh, from the artwork to the setting. This was the case when I started to read the first issue in the new volume of Scrimshaw. Set in…Read moreRead more

Long Beach Comic Con Impresses, A Fitting Summer Send Off

By Nolan P. Smith Photos by Jason T. Smith and Nolan P. Smith The Long Beach Comic Con (LBCC) shined in the Southern California sunlight for a weekend full of comics, cosplay, and good old-fashioned professional wrestling. Taking place at the Long Beach Convention Center on one of the last weekends of summer, the convention…Read moreRead more

Long Beach Comic Con Takes Place September 8-9

By Nolan P. Smith September is best known for bringing the change of seasons, from summer to fall. In Southern California, September is also known for one of the best comic book conventions on the West Coast, as the Long Beach Comic Con (LBCC) returns to the Long Beach Convention Center on September 8th  and…Read moreRead more

Let’s Kickstart This! The Wicked Righteous

By Nolan P. Smith It is time, yes, it is time once again! Let’s shine the spotlight down on a cool and creative project from the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. This time, a creator was awesome enough to reach out to me and let me know of their awesome project: I give you, The Wicked Righteous!…Read moreRead more

CYKO KO! #1 Review

By Ralph Simbulan (@qualitycontra) Cyko KO!: “Tangled Up in Doom!” is part one of a limited three issue limited series published by Alterna Comics, whom with their tenacious spirit are bringing back issues hot from newsprint presses. Created, written and illustrated by Rob Feldman (lettered by Peter Simetti), Cyko KO is sure to be the…Read moreRead more

New Year, New Logo, and Newsprint for Alterna Comics


Alterna brings in the New Year with the return of newsprint comics By Staff Reports For 10 years, Alterna Comics has produced over 50 different graphic novels for distribution in comic shops and bookstores. Now entering their 11th year, Alterna is announcing plans for a single issue lineup that will feature throwback style covers, a…Read moreRead more

Alterna Comics: Make Mine INDIE is Here

Alterna Comics Announces Make Mine INDIE By Nolan P. Smith Alterna Comics is bringing a digital catalog and magazine to spotlight indie comics with Make Mine INDIE! A free, quarterly digital publication, Make Mine Indie aims to unite print, digital, and web comics for comic shops and readers alike. Their goal? to highlight comic book…Read moreRead more

Trespasser #1 Review: Desperate Times

Review by Nolan P. Smith (Victor Valley)—When I first downloaded Trespasser #1 from Alterna Comics, I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into. By looking at the cover, I thought I was in for a man and his dog against everyone type of story: what I got was something far more. Written by Justin…Read moreRead more

Let’s Kickstart This! 10 YEARS of ALTERNA – a Celebration of Creator-Owned Comics

By Nolan P. Smith It’s been awhile, but let’s take a look into the wonderful world of crowdfunding and spotlight a project that deserves to see the light of day: in other words, Let’s Kickstart This! We venture into the world of sequential art once again this time as we look at the 10 Years…Read moreRead more

IPG Signs ALTERNA to an Exclusive Worldwide Book Market Distribution Deal

By Staff Reports Continuing to grow in their 10th anniversary year, Alterna Comics ( has just announced an exclusive deal with IPG ( to expand their print and digital lineup into the global book market.  As per the specifications of the deal, Alterna will retain control over their accounts at ComiXology and at Diamond Comics…Read moreRead more