DSTLRY is proud to announce its Next Batch of new comics, an incoming slate of books leading the charge into 2024 from the most talented, trailblazing writers and artists in the medium. When these book hit shelves in late summer, they’ll (of course) be presented in DSTLRY’s magazine-size format, perfect-bound at 48-pages an issue minimum. Their digital iterations will go on sale for one […]

First Look: Luchaverse

By Staff Reports It all starts here with the three-part launch of the epic new shared Luchaverse!  The world’s most famous luchadores battle in the ring by day, and serve humanity as monster hunters and world protectors by night. In this series, Masked Republic Comics and Massive Publishing bring back the glory and tradition of real-life lucha libre stars in comic […]

DSTLRY Launches Sci-Fi Noir Space Opera LIFE from Brian Azzarello, Stephanie Phillips & Danijel Žeželj

By Staff Reports DSTLRY, the next-generation publisher redefining creator-owned comic books and collectibles, proudly announces LIFE, an innovative six-issue series that unites co-writers Brian Azzarello (THE BLOOD BROTHERS MOTHER, 100 Bullets) and Stephanie Phillips (Grim, Harley Quinn) for the first time. Joined by artist Danijel Žeželj (Nostalgia) and colorist Lee Loughridge (SOMNA, Deadly Class), the team constructs an interlocking flip […]


By Staff Reports Drive is driving home on 4K Ultra HD August 27th! Ryan Gosling stars as a Hollywood stunt driver for movies by day and moonlights as a wheelman for criminals by night. Though a loner by nature, “Driver” can’t help falling in love with his beautiful neighbor Irene (Carey Mulligan), a young mother dragged into a dangerous underworld […]


By Staff Reports DesignerCon (DCon), the art, design, and collectibles mega-show, announced it will depart Anaheim, CA and make a new home in Las Vegas, Nevada for its upcoming 19th annual convention, taking place November 15-17, 2024. DCon 2024 will be held at The Expo at World Market Center (WMC) in Las Vegas for the first time, embracing the brand’s […]

Comic Book Review: Spectregraph #1

By Nolan P. Smith Editor DSTLRY has been consistently delivering some of the most intriguing narratives in the comic book industry. When I heard about Spectregraph, my excitement grew, and I decided to review it with a physical copy in hand. As a lifelong comic book aficionado, there’s something uniquely satisfying about holding a comic book and experiencing its artistry […]

Red Sands – Episode 2: “A Reckoning” Review

By Nolan P. Smith Editor The second episode of “Red Sands” introduces a new character as the stakes rise and danger looms ever closer. Created by Michael Barrett and Joshua Ampuero, this episode features a seemingly chance meeting between Eddie (Michael Barrett) and Myra (Tiffanie Kendra). Eddie is quickly smitten, but his brother Hunter (TJ Wimbs) remains wary of new […]

Massive Publishing and Printed In Blood Announce Exciting New Partnership Focused On High-End Artbook Releases

By Staff Reports Printed In Blood, the boutique publisher who specialize in premium licensed artbooks, have entered into an exclusive distribution deal with Massive Publishing to service the direct-market and trade bookstores. Until now, Printed in Blood’s catalog of prestigious artbooks (including iconic titles such as John Carpenter’s The Thing, Aliens, Stranger Things, and Ghostbusters) were only available directly from […]

Vote for Michael Quick for Carla Hall’s Favorite Chef!

By Nolan P. Smith Editor It is time to rally! Voting opened today for Carla Hall’s Favorite Chef, and we are encouraging everyone to vote for the High Desert’s own Michael Quick! Vote below and vote daily! Learn more about Michael’s journey and this amazing opportunity on the Pastrami Nation Podcast, live May 21st at 7PM PST on YouTube, […]

Speed Grapher Vol 1 Review

By Nolan P. Smith Editor Back in 2005, I dived into an anime series called Speed Grapher. Dark, edgy, and right up my alley, it quickly became a favorite of mine. So, when I saw that Titan Comics was reviving Speed Grapher, I knew I had to jump in once again. Written and illustrated by Tomozo, this first volume reintroduces […]

Comic Con Revolution Returns w/ Star Wars, X-Men ’97, Comic Book Icons, Wrestlers & Much More

By Staff Reports Comic Con Revolution, the Inland Empire’s number one Comic Convention, returns to the Ontario Convention Center on May 18th & 19th for year seven. This year’s show is packed with a loaded guest list highlighted by Star Wars animated voice talent that includes Ashley Eckstein, Matt Lanter, James Arnold Taylor,  Dee Bradley Baker, Steve Blum, Daniel Logan, […]

Red Sands Episode 1 Review: A Gritty Start

By Nolan P. Smith Editor Nestled within the dangerous terrains of California’s High Deserts—a place I call home—is the setting for “Red Sands,” a thrilling four-episode miniseries that catapults blood, bullets, and bodies onto the small screen. Michael Barrett and Joshua Ampuero direct the series, which features a robust cast including TJ Wimbs, Michael Barrett, and Carlos E. Campos; the […]

Life is Strange: True Colors Review

By Kevin Hoskinson Entertainment Editor Life is full of choices. Some are simpler than others, but your decisions can affect everything in your life from that moment on. They often leak into the lives of those around you and change their lives for better or worse. It’s a part of being human and as vital as breathing, eating, and staying […]

Fallout Series Review

By Daniel Schwartz Reviewer When I read that Amazon was developing a TV series based on the wildly popular video game franchise Fallout, I reacted with equal parts excitement and dread. After all, most video game adaptations, whether movies or TV shows, are generally garbage. Looking back at the trainwrecks that were the original Super Mario Brothers Movie, Street Fighter, […]

Let It Rip Chicago: C2E2 2024

By Kevin Hoskinson Entertainment Editor Chicago is known for many things, not the least of which is its impact on pop culture. From the films of John Hughes, The Blues Brothers, The Smashing Pumpkins, and most recently, The Bear, the city has held a special place in many a nerd’s heart for decades. As somebody who has watched the culture […]

Massive Publishing Partners with King Features to Release Eye Lie Popeye, an Anime-inspired Reimagining of the Classic Character

By Staff Reports Popeye the Sailor Man, one of the most recognizable figures in comic book and animation with a rich 95-year history, makes his triumphant return to comic shops this Saturday, May 4th with a special 24-page preview of the upcoming Eye Lie Popeye #1. The Eye Lie Popeye series is being developed byMassive Publishing, recognized for its of […]

Dark Horse Direct Celebrates Hellboy’s 30th Anniversary with New Vinyl Figure

By Staff Reports 2024 marks the 30th anniversary of Mike Mignola’s legendary Hellboy Universe. Dark Horse Direct is celebrating three decades of Big Red saving the world from frog monsters, Rasputin, and countless mythical creatures with a Deluxe Vinyl Hellboy Figure, intricately crafted by artists Mike Bonanno and Hector Arce to bring Hellboy from the page to life in glorious […]

Godzilla Vs Mighy Morphin Power Rangers II #1 Review

By Daniel Schwartz Reviewer In the years since DC and Marvel have introduced their multi-verses, several other franchises have also delved into several wild and wacky ‘What If’ scenarios that are officially canon. The Power Rangers have also developed and traveled their multiverse with doppelgangers and variants galore. Some of their best villains have come from the heroes’ evil versions. Something […]