Let’s Kickstart This! Mortifera: The Graphic Novel

Irish Demon Hunters…yeah, this is going to be great! Mortifera is a graphic novel written and created by Stephan Frost with art by Sarah Partington, which brings two demon hunters and their summoned demon in to a world of adventure. The 120 page graphic novel boasts artwork that looks like an animated feature. The Kickstarter page has a video that […]

Let’s Kickstart This! God Hates Astronauts

I don’t want to oversell what Ryan has accomplished here, but I gave God Hates Astronauts to a blind man and he regained his sight.-Jonathan Hickman (The Avengers, Fantastic Four, The Manhattan Projects) With an endorsement like that, how can you not want to back God Hates Astronauts? The 180 page hardcover collection of the web comic by Ryan Browne […]

Let’s Kickstart This! Hex The Lost Tribe by Keu Cha

A comic about zombies, monsters and women…sounds like a great mix! Now, the names above are known for their breathtaking comic book work, especially of the female persuasion…and Hex The Lost Tribe brings that aspect to the forefront. A princess must grow into her role as a leader if her people hope to defeat a menacing, unknown evil. Here is […]

Let’s Kickstart This! Raised by Raptors

Mayans and dinosaurs…how could this not be good? So, in our efforts to showcase the awesome indie comics on Kickstarter, we came across this little gem: Raised by Raptors by Oliver Sykes and Ben Ashton-Bell. The artwork looks amazingly smooth, the story sounds great, this has no reason not to be funded. Check out the official synopsis below, which is […]

Help Us Kickstart An Amazing Project: His Time is Now-Johnny “Hammond” Smith

  By Nolan P. Smith-Pastrami Nation Don’t stop the beat. The music vibrates through your very being. The imaginative, layered sounds of jazz are something that has to be heard firsthand to understand. Considered the Great American Art Form, Jazz has brought amazement in many forms: one of those forms is known as Johnny “Hammond” Smith, and right now, you […]