Announcing Street Fighter Unlimited Annual #1

Pre-order Street Fighter Unlimited Annual #1 at your local retailer now!  By Staff Reports UDON wraps up 2016 with Street Fighter Unlimited Annual #1, in stores in December! This special one-shot includes four short stories previously only available as bonus content in UDON’s hardcover SF collections. Juri faces off against the deadly doll Decapre! Ibuki battles the mysterious Q! Sakura and Dan […]

Glitterbomb #1 Review: Dropped the Bomb

Image Comic’s Glitterbomb shows a less than glamorous Hollywood By Nolan P. Smith Jim Zub is one of those writers I follow from project to project. His work is spot on, he nails the dialogue, and he usually transports the reader to some fantastical yet real environment. Skull Kickers and Wayward being two examples of his awesomeness. Now, with Glitterbomb, […]

Shoryuken! UDON’s Street Fighter Unlimited to be Collected in Hardcover Volumes

Street Fighter Unlimited Vol. 1 Hardcover Dragon Punching its way into stores in July (By Staff Reports) – Are you ready for a whole new way to experience Street Fighter Unlimited, UDON Entertainment’s latest ongoing Street Fighter comic? Perhaps the monthly format just isn’t for you, and you’d rather settle in with several issues at once without having to wait for each one? Whatever […]

Thunderbolts #1 Review

Justice, like lightning, strikes again with the return of the Thunderbolts By Nolan P. Smith I remember when the Thunderbolts were first introduced in 1997- it was in an issue of the Incredible Hulk, during a time when many of the heroes had “died” during an epic fight with Onslaught. In the wake of a world with no heroes, the […]

From the Ashes of Avengers: Standoff Comes THUNDERBOLTS #1!

By Staff Reports With a flash of lightning, the Thunderbolts have returned! Today, Marvel is pleased to announce THUNDERBOLTS #1 – the new ongoing seires from creators Jim Zub and Jon Malin! From the ashes of AVENGERS: STANDOFF, the Winter Soldier assembles the original Thunderbolts – Moonstone, the Fixer, MACH-V, Atlas and a mysterious new character for a dangerous new […]

Round One, Fight! Udon Entertainment Releases Street Fighter Unlimited #1 on Wednesday

By Staff Reports The wait for STREET FIGHTER UNLIMITED, the new hard-hitting monthly comic series from UDON Entertainment, is almost over! UDON is pleased to announce that Street Fighter Unlimited #1 will be available for purchase at various high-quality comic and video game retailers as well as digitally via comiXology on Wednesday, December 9th. Yes, you read that right: Street […]

Magic and Myth Unleashed on the Streets of Modern Japan in Wayward

By Staff Reports Writer Jim Zub (SKULLKICKERS, Samurai Jack) and artist Steven Cummings (Legends of the Dark Knight, Deadshot) spin enchantment and mystery together in a fantasy story about one girl’s battle against the mythological creatures everyday mortals fail to see. Set in Japan, WAYWARD’s depiction of the busy city streets of Tokyo and its rich occult history make it […]

The All New Secret SkullKickers Hits This May

Because one more adjective just isn’t enough. Image Comics announced today yet another Skullkickers “relaunch” with the All-New, Secret Skullkickers! Check out the cover above, as well as the regular “variant” cover below. I have to say, these covers keep getting better and better! Plus, the book is a hoot, so I think all the attention this book gets, it […]

Image Comic’s Skullkickers Get Mighty This April!

Gotta love the homages. Image Comic’s zany, action busting series Skullkickers is back with another homage to the house of ideas. This time, the series gets mighty with a throwback to the God of Thunder. Awesomely well done, I gotta say I am loving this homages (Uncanny, Savage and now Mighty). Here’s the official word from Image: Berkeley, CA – […]

The Uncanny Skullkickers!

Coming next year, Image Comics hit Skullkickers gets a new #1 and an adjective to boot! Personally, I haven’t checked out the series yet, but I have been planning to for some time! Check out the press release below from Image Comics, and get ready for Uncanny Skullkickers next year! This February, Image Comics invites readers to jump on board […]