Scout Comics Announces New Series Assassin & Son: Path of Vengeance for Spring 2020 Nonstop! Imprint Debut

By Staff Reports “He just wanted out, but when his old team kills his wife in front of him, an assassin and his son set out on a path of vengeance.” Scout Comics has sent out word of Assassin & Son: Path of Vengeance- hitting stores in Spring 2020, from former WWE Superstars Shad Gaspard…Read moreRead more

Scout Comics is Proud to Announce White Ash! (Plus a Midnight Sky bonus!!)

By Staff Reports Scout Comics has announced their latest series, White Ash, as well as a SDCC promotion with White Ash and another big Scout release, Midnight Sky! Set in a small smudge of a town in Western Pennsylvania, WHITE ASH follows Aleck Zwerg, the frustrated but charismatic son of a coal miner, who long…Read moreRead more

Wulfborne #3 Review- All Journeys End

By Nolan P. Smith With this third issue, we come to the end of Scout Comics’ Wulfborne. From creator, writer, and artist Brian Middleton, we have reached the end of Wulfborne’s journey to the darkness, all in hopes of being reunited with his love, Luna, or at least temper the pain. With this issue, Wulfborne…Read moreRead more

Once Our Land Book 2 Review- A Familiar Evil

By Nolan P. Smith When I reviewed the first book for Once Our Land, I was blown away. The story, the artwork, it was all so unique, so fresh, I loved it. Now with the Book 2, can Once Our Land meet the high standard the first book set. From Peter Ricq, we dive back…Read moreRead more

Wulfborne #2 Review: Further Down We Go

By Nolan P. Smith I love reviewing second issues. First issues could hit every note I look for, wow me and leave me waiting for the next issue. But the second issue, that’s when we see if a story has legs, that when we see if a book can keep our attention for more than…Read moreRead more

Once Our Land Book 1 Review

By Nolan P. Smith I had heard great things about Once Our Land. The unique book from Scout Comics caught my eye, and with a second volume already out, I decided to dive into this new world and give it a shot. From Peter Ricq, this is a graphic novel that stands out from most…Read moreRead more

Wulfborne #1 Review: A Walk Through Hell

By Nolan P. Smith Scout Comics has another amazing title on its hands, this time in the form of the dark series, Wuflborne. Created and drawn by Brian Middleton, the book followers Wulfborne the adventurer, who is on a journey that might mean his doom. “Come to me and I will heal your broken heart,”,…Read moreRead more

Scout Comics Announces Headless for 2019

By Staff Reports Off with his head! Scout Comics has lost its head when it comes to the annoucement of their latest 2019 release, Headless. HEADLESS is created by Alexander Banchitta (Captives, Champions of Earth, Hard Tales) and featured stark, stunnung artwork by Robert Ahmad (Captive, The Devil in Disguise, It Came Out On A…Read moreRead more

Scout Announces New Series Crucified for a 2019 Debut

By Staff Reports Lucas Blanc, a notorious assassin, is contracted by a powerful NGO to execute a figure known as The Messiah, a man so influential that he stopped a riot in Los Angeles with a single word. That is the set up for Crucified, a brand new series hitting this year from Scout Comics….Read moreRead more

Scout Comics is proud to present The Wild Cosmos

By Nolan P. Smith Deep space adventures await as Scout Comics has announced a 2019 release for the news series, The Wild Cosmos. The series features writing chores and artwork by Curtis Clow (founder of Infinity Studios, Shards VOL. II/The Dragons Kin), line artwork by Mauro ManDalari (The Sensational G-Girl, Assassin’s Creed Awakening), with future…Read moreRead more

Scout Comics is Proud to Present METALSHARK BRO!

By Staff Reports Ready for something totally off the wall, bro? Then Scout Comics is bringing in the high tide with METALSHARK BRO!. Created by Bob Frantz (Co-Founder of Loophole Comics) and Kevin Cuffe (The Elvis Adventures, IF Anthology); artwork by Walter Ostlie (Shiver Bureau, Haxor) and Shawn Greenleaf (Escape From Jesus Island) bring something…Read moreRead more

Going Back To THE SOURCE! Second Printing On The Way for Scout’s Latest Hit

By Staff Reports SCOUT COMICS AND ENTERTAINMENT is proud to announce that THE SOURCE #1 by Don Handfield, Joshua Malkin and Leno Carrvalho has completely sold out and has gone back to a second printing. THE SOURCE is the story of Bennett Miller, a high school teacher in East St Louis who still lives with…Read moreRead more

Scout Announces New Series Category Zero For 2019 Debut

By Staff Reports Scout Comics is proud to annouce the debut of a brand new series for 2019: Category Zero. “Category Zero is a very intriguing concept that will have people questioning which side they should be rooting for,” said Scout President James Haick. “This is an ambitious mirroring of issues within our own society…Read moreRead more

Long Lost Vol 1 Review- You Should Never Go Home

Since seeing the solicit of the first issue of Scout Comics’ Long Lost #1, I have been a fan. The horror mystery by writer Matthew Erman and artist Lisa Sterle caught my interest with the cover, but the first issue is what hooked me. Now, with the collection of the first arc, I have to…Read moreRead more

Scout Comics goes back to print for LONG LOST #1

By Staff Reports Scout Comics is proud to announce that LONG LOST #1 by husband/wife team Matthew Erman and Lisa Sterle has gone back to press for a second printing, and with a fantastic new cover!

Long Lost #1 Review: Eerily Outstanding

By Nolan P. Smith It pays to venture away from the big comic book publishers from time to time. Trust me, I love DC and Marvel, Image and Dark Horse, Valiant and more. But I love venturing into the smaller press, as you can find some amazing gems. Behold said gem in Long Lost from…Read moreRead more

Scout Comics & Entertainment Proudly Announces A New Slate of Book for 2017

Seven New Titles Join the Scout Comics family this year By Staff Reports Scout Comics & Entertainment LLC is proud to announce seven incredible comic book series for 2017! For more information, please visit us at!