Chopping Block Review: Batman #13

The New 52 hasn’t been a really big hit with me, I want to be honest with that right at the beginning. I was picking up Justice League, Aquaman, Batman, Green Lantern, and so on at the beginning. Soon, that changed to only picking up Batman and Animal Man, and eventually I ended up dropping all my DC titles. Yet, […]

Chopping Block Review: Avengers Vs X-Men #12 -Spoilers

This is it. The final chapter in the Avengers Vs X-Men saga. The toll on both teams has been huge, leaving some changed forever. So how does it all go down? Can the Phoenix powered X-Men be defeated by the combined forces of Avengers and X-Men? Spoilers below, so beware! ————————————————————————————————————————- So it all comes down to this: a phoenix […]

Chopping Block Review: Grendel Omnibus Volume 1- Hunter Rose

Review by Nolan P. Smith- Pastrami Nation Writer: Matt Wagner Artists: Matt Wagner, Tim Sale, David Mack, Duncan Fegredo, Mike Allred, Guy Davis, Teddy Kristiansen, Ashley Wood, Mike Huddleston and Dean Motter Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Release Date: July 2012 Website: FOR MATURE READERS Thirty years ago, a single man shook the world of comics: a solitary man donned […]

NYCC 2012: Emily the Strange Returns

Dark Horse is on fire at NYCC! Check out the press release on the info of the return of fan favorite Emily the Strange! Soon to be a big screen film, Emily is already a pop culture icon, so the full color return of her is pretty huge! EMILY THE STRANGE RETURNS— IN FULL COLOR AND IN YOUR FACE! October […]

Chopping Block Review: CW's Arrow- Pilot Episode

By Nolan P. Smith- Pastrami Nation This week saw the much anticipated debut of CW’s Arrow. Based off of DC Comic’s Green Arrow, the series is looking to fill the superhero gap left by Smallville. Yet, Smallville wasn’t a comic book fans dream come true all of the time: many heroes and villains were taken in totally different directions, far […]

X-O Manowar goes to Planet Death in 2013

Are you ready for a throw down? Valiant Entertainment announced what arc will lead the armored warrior in to 2013, and it’s Planet Death. Aric will lead a one man army into the heart of The Vine in order to stop an invasion on Earth. Check out the official word from Valiant, as well as the cover and variant cover […]

Chopping Block Review: Archer & Armstrong #3

Review by Nolan P. Smith- Pastrami Nation Writer: Fred Van Lente Artist: Clayton Henry Publisher: Valiant Entertainment Website Out of all the books Valiant has producing, Archer and Armstrong has been my favorite. Though only having two issues out before this issue, I was immediately hooked by it. The drunken immortal, the fish out of water prodigy, the buddy […]

Rockstar Games Collection Hits This November on X-Box 360 and PS3

That’s a hell of a collection. Rockstar Games announced today that the Rockstar Games Collection will hit stores November 6th. The collection includes Red Dead Redemption, GTA: Episodes from Liberty City, L.A Noire, and Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition. All that, and for the bargain price of $59.99. That’s quite the deal for four games! Check out news from […]

Marvel Now! Young Avengers

The children are our future. has an interview up with Kieron Gillen, writer behind the relaunch of Young Avengers that hits this January. A very different team than the Young Avengers of old, this new team is a mix of Young Avengers, Teen Brigade, Journey into Mystery and Avengers. Here is the roster, straight from Gillen, and check out […]

Green Arrow is Now a Part of Injustice: Gods Among Us

The Emerald Archer has entered the fight! Entertainment Weekly has released info that Ollie Queen, aka The Green Arrow, is the newest DC superhero added to the growing roster for next year’s Injustice: Gods Among Us. The game, from Mortal Kombat trendsetters Neatherrealm Studios, puts the heroes and villains of the DCU in glorious battle.  Personally, I’m thrilled to see […]

Chopping Block Review: Double Dragon Neon

Review by: Nolan P. Smith- Pastrami Nation Developer: WayForward Technologies Publisher: Majesco Entertainment Release Date: September 12th, 2012 Platforms: X-Box Live Arcade, PlayStation Network Genre: Beat ‘Em Up The Double Dragon franchise is something old school gamers know a lot about. The exploits of brothers Jimmy and Billy as they beat their way through the streets in order to save […]