Limited Exclusive 2023 DCon Product Certification and Drop Authentication

By Staff Reports Berify, a multi-patented authentication solutions and an immersive experience ecosystem, is proud to partner with DesignerCon to introduce the first “Purchased at DesignerCon 2023” and “DCON Exclusive 2023” Stickers. Our state-of-the-art tamper-proof NFC smart tag is compatible with any NFC-enabled smartphone. This innovative feature allows seamless product authentication on the blockchain while unlocking exclusive, enhanced experiences for […]


By Staff Reports Millarworld, home to Mark Millar’s award-winning series from Wanted to Big Game, Nemesis, Jupiter’s Legacy, The Magic Order, and many more, is moving house to Dark Horse Comics! The extensive publishing partnership will include collections of previously published material as well as five new series in 2024 including a Nemesis comic series, Nemesis: Rogues’ Gallery, and other […]

Mad Cave Studios announces FCBD Silver Titles for 2024

By Staff Reports Mad Cave Studios is excited to announce its 2024 Free Comic Book Day titles including FLASH GORDON and GATCHAMAN, and Papercutz titles ASTERIX and Nickelodeon’s THE LOUD HOUSE!  Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is the biggest event in the comic book industry—a single day when participating comic book specialty shops across North America and around the world give away […]

Graphic Novel Review: “Where the Body Was”

By Nolan P. SmithEditor Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are a legendary duo in the realm of graphic novels, known for their intricate storytelling and compelling artwork. Their works like “Criminal,” “Pulp,” and “Fatale” have left indelible marks on the genre. With “Where the Body Was,” they return, steering us into a gripping murder mystery set in the relaxed atmosphere […]


By Staff Reports L.A. Comic Con, Los Angeles’ largest event for comics, gaming, anime, cosplay and pop culture, is excited to announce its full lineup of panels and entertainment for its December 1-3 show. After breaking new ground in 2022 with a record-shattering 126,000 total fans in attendance, event organizers are leveling up the Con experience yet again by doubling […]

Titan Comics announces DON COPPOLA graphic novel

Titan Comics announces Don Coppola, a biographical graphic novel in a cinematic style. It features an in-depth examination of Francis Ford Coppola’s life and films. From Amazing Améziane – creator of Quentin by Tarantino comes volume 2 of his Cine Trilogy of graphic novels. Don Coppola hits shelves June 11, 2024. DON COPPOLA Writer/Artist: Amazing Ameziane Publisher: Titan ComicsSC, 228 pages, FC, […]

Comics Megastars Joe Hill, Jason Ciaramella And Michael Walsh Collaborate On New Creepshow One Shot From Skybound

By Staff Reports Gather round, kiddies, for a special presentation! Today Skybound announced Creepshow: Joe Hill’s Wolverton Station, an all-new one shot of the smash-hit, Eisner Award nominated comic book anthology based on Greg Nicotero’s Shudder TV series produced and licensed by Cartel Entertainment. Season 4 of the hit Shudder TV series of the same name is out now on AMC […]

Magnetic Press brings a visually stunning Graphic Novel about Mankind’s Foray into Colonizing Space

By Staff Reports Now live on Kickstarter, graphic novel publisher Magnetic Press is proud to announce the sci-fi adventure, FRONTIER! From celebrated author and designer Guillaume Singelin (PTSD)—best known for his distinct blend of cartoon-ish, manga-styled characters in gritty, detailed environments—this premium 200-page graphic novel is produced by Studio 619 and is the creator’s most ambitious project to date.  After […]

IDW Unleashes the Cosmic Body Horror Series GOLGOTHA MOTOR MOUNTAIN

By Staff Reports Buckle up for a chaotic ride through a cosmic nightmare in the countryside. IDW Publishing proudly presents GOLGOTHA MOTOR MOUNTAIN, a mind-bending six issue limited series which follows two brothers, Elwood and Vernon, as their life is abruptly turned into trippy terror when an interstellar rock crashes through their meth lab. With one batch left to deliver […]

Comic Book Review: Usagi Yojimbo: Space Usagi – Yokai Hunter One-Shot

By Nolan P. Smith Editor As a long-time admirer of Stan Sakai’s “Usagi Yojimbo,” my journey with the samurai rabbit began in childhood, intertwined with the world of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Over the years, I’ve witnessed the evolution and expansion of this universe, and in this particular one-shot, we’re treated to a perfect blend of classic Usagi elements […]

Army of Darkness/Bubba Ho-Tep team bring latest horror creation to Zoop, Going Green!

In a world where composting human remains is a growing trend, what happens when our loved ones return, growing out of their composted remains into the people they once were? Announcing GOING GREEN, now live on Zoop!Rising star artist Vincenzo Federici (TMNT, Vampirella) joins co-writers Scott Duvall (Diablo House) and novelist and indie filmmaker Sean Reliford (Persons of Interest) for a story rooted in family, death, and how we deal […]

Bring the vibrant B-Sides World to life with QR codes, featuring pop-up animation voiced by Dex Carvey, and Third Wheel Comedy’s Mike Masilotti and Nolan Culver!

By Staff Reports Announcing B-SIDES Volume 1, the FRESHEST new slice-of-life series created and edited by Greg Bourne, now live on Kickstarter! Born from the minds of alt culture enthusiasts from London to L.A., featuring the lead story by Mike London with vibrant and dreamlike artwork by Rich Ivens, Hayley Dwan, and David Arguno, and animation by Theo Duberry. B-Sides […]

Unnatural Order #1 Review

By Nolan P. Smith Editor Vault Comics beckons us into a world beset by darkness in Unnatural Order #1, where the Druid has unleashed a reign of terror that threatens to engulf the land in evil’s unyielding grip. Writer Christopher Yost, artist Val Rodrigues, colorist Dearbhla Kelly, and Andworld Design have conjured a mythic saga that boasts a gratifyingly unexpected […]

Gone #1 Review

By Nolan P. Smith Editor In the dynamic and ever-shifting landscape of comic books, a new publisher has emerged to leave its mark: DSTLRY. With a keen interest in their inaugural offerings, I delved into their latest title, “Gone,” crafted by the amazing Jock, renowned for his chilling “Wytches” saga and his celebrated contributions to the DC Comics universe. “Gone” […]

Invincible, Rick and Morty and More Great Titles are Available on GlobalComix!

By Staff Reports The GlobalComix app is kicking out the gold with a star-studded cast of cartoon characters and fan-favorites! With its all-new slate of publishers on board, fans can slide away from streaming and into the digital reading realm, with comics from Image Comics, Oni Press, Boom! Studios and more, now available on the GlobalComix app, with select titles […]

GONE #1 by Jock from DSTLRY Out Now + Two New Exclusive Variants

By Staff Reports Today, DSTLRY’s action-packed sci-fi adventure, GONE #1, is out now. Written, drawn, and colored by Eisner-Award winning creator Jock, the series spins out from his 8-page story “The Stowaway” from DSTLRY’s debut release The Devil’s Cut, and will feature an oversized, 48-page perfect bound issue. Additionally, DSTLRY revealed two new variant covers for GONE #1 exclusively available through […]


By Staff Reports Dark Horse Comics is joining forces with Eisner- and GLAAD Media Award-nominated writer David M. Booher, along with artist Drew Zucker, to present the world of Canto to a new audience. The creative team includes colorist Vittorio Astone and letterer Andworld Design, who together present a fantastical modern fairytale. Available for pre-order now, Canto Volume 1: If […]

The acclaimed BIXBY GRANT returns to Kickstarter for an extended adventure

By Staff Reports Now live on Kickstarter, BIXBY GRANT, PRIVATE EYE: FANGS & BRIMSTONE #1 from RNM PRESS! Written by Komikwerks co-founder Patrick Coyle (PATRICK SUCKS AT DRAWING) with illustrations by Chilean artist Gonzalo Martínez (ROAD STORY), this 6-issue buddy-action detective series is the follow-up to the OGN, BIXBY GRANT, PRIVATE IN WOLF, SHE CRIED, which debuted on Kickstarter in […]

On the Corner of PINE and MERRIMAC…Coming in 2024 from BOOM! Studios

By Staff Reports Eisner-award nominated writer Kyle Starks (I Hate This Place) pens his first original series at BOOM! Studios along with fan-favorite artist and co-creator Fran Galán (The Amazing Spider-Man) in a new detective tale PINE AND MERRIMAC! In Jamesport, on the corner of Pine and Merrimac sits a small, unassuming detective agency. Former homicide detective, Linnea Kent–along with […]

SAM: Storytelling Across Media at Comic-Con Museum Amazed Attendees

By Nolan P. Smith Editor Photos by Nolan P. Smith and Jason T. Smith In October, the San Diego Comic Convention, the brilliant minds behind Comic-Con, treated attendees to SAM: Storytelling Across Media. This one-day symposium catered to aspiring writers, artists, and seasoned professionals alike, all with a shared passion for the intricate art of storytelling. Nestled within the walls […]

The Devil Wears My Face #1 Review

By Nolan P Smith  Editor From the rich history of possession and exorcism that has deeply embedded its roots in cultural narratives, “The Devil Wears My Face #1” emerges as a refreshing addition to the genre, especially within the comic book medium. As a practicing Catholic, I’ve long been captivated by the notion of exorcists wielding the power to banish […]


By Staff Reports Ghost Machine, a first-of-its-kind creator-owned and operated media company officially launched at New York Comic Con. Creators co-own all the characters and universes developed for Ghost Machine, sharing in all publishing, media, merchandise, and beyond. The pioneering creator collective is a global best-of-class roster of artists and writers whose award-winning and iconic works include a who’s who […]

Introducing ARCBOUND: A Bold New Sci-Fi Saga Crafted by the Legendary Trio of Scott Snyder, Frank Tieri, and Ryan Smallman in Creative Collaboration with Tom Hardy

By Staff Reports Arcbound Studios is proud to announce the highly anticipated launch of ARCBOUND – a groundbreaking new twelve-issue limited series born from a special collaboration amongst world-renowned creators: Eisner award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Scott Snyder (Batman, Justice League), comic titan Frank Tieri (Wolverine, Deadpool), and acclaimed artist Ryan Smallman (Fortnite, Marvel) – with Oscar-nominated actor […]

Deathstalker Returns in Comics From Vault Presented by Guns N’ Roses’ Slash: Kickstarter Campaign Live! 

By Staff Reports Vault Comics, in partnership with Slash of Guns N’ Roses, Shout! Studios, and Raven Banner Entertainment, has launched an exciting Kickstarter campaign to produce a deluxe hardcover graphic novel adaptation of the cult classic sword-and-sorcery movie franchise, Deathstalker, as part of their previously announced Headshell imprint. Presented by rock legend Slash, and based on a story by […]


By Staff Reports At today’s MARVEL: Next Big Thing Panel at New York Comic Con, fans witnessed the birth of the all-new Ultimate Universe! Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski and writer Jonathan Hickman laid out Hickman’s ultimate vision for a revolutionary new era of Marvel Comics including announcements for ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, ULTIMATE BLACK PANTHER, and ULTIMATE X-MEN! All launching early […]

RCCC 2023: Critical Role Attacks Portland!

By Kevin HoskinsonEntertainment Editor Rose City Comic Con took the Oregon Convention Center by storm this weekend, and it was one of the most interesting and exciting years yet. It was packed with celebrity guests, including actors, voice-over artists, writers, animators, and every other type of artist you could think of. Even though it had the same amount of activities […]


By Staff Reports Dark Horse Comics invites readers to the icy, dark winters of wild Alaska where the temperatures can drop to seventy below zero, and somewhere in the frozen wilderness, unearthly horrors are emerging. Screen and comics writer Mark Verheiden (The Mask movie, Daredevil TV series, Aliens and Predator comics) and writer/actor Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica, The Bridge) join […]

Graphic Novel Review: The Codex

By Nolan P. Smith Editor It’s always a pleasure to stumble upon a promising story on Kickstarter, waiting for the global community to fuel its potential. I was lucky to hear from Coby Crater, the talented writer behind the intriguing graphic novel, The Codex. Currently on Kickstarter, this project is certainly worth a glance. Brought to you by Hayburner Studios, […]