Let’s Kickstart This! FIST Action Figures

By Nolan P. Smith Editor The crowdfunding world is always helping bring new action figure lines to life, and today we check out one that needs to become a reality: FIST! Taking inspiration from the best of science fiction and fantasy. Doman Art Collectibles in alliance with IP Imaginarte (Toy Factory) bring to you a refreshing new line of action figures. FIST action […]

Action Figure Review: Action Force Trigger

By Nolan P Smith  Editor The Valaverse action keeps coming with one of the most sought-after figures in Action Force wave 2. Of course. I’m talking about Trigger, the bearded, backward hat-wearing specialist. This is an outstanding figure, decked out and ready for battle.  Thanks again to Valaverse for the opportunity to check out this fantastic figure. Trigger gives me […]

NECA Announces TMNT Black Friday Sale

By Staff Reports The NECA Black Friday sale is upon us, and we’re ready to deliver some showcase some TMNT figures you may have missed during their initial run for your holiday collector shopping. From Friday 11/25/22 8am PST/11am EST to Monday 11/28/22 (or while supplies last) grab these hot TMNT figures at https://thenecastore.com/. The items being featured during the […]

Action Figure Review: Beastbox Lava

By Jason T. Smith Creative Editor While I’ve seen pictures of those fantastic little mecha animals that transform into boxes, hence their name being Beastbox, from toy geniuses 52Toys, I’ve never actually owned one until now. I recently had the opportunity to review the mechanical horse BB-43, known as Beastbox Lava. Lava comes in a beautifully designed window box that […]

DesignerCon Returns This Weekend With All Star Programming Spanning Physical and Digital

By Staff Reports (Photo Credit: Birdman Photos) DesignerCon has amassed an undeniable community of loyal and enthusiastic followers. Over the last 17 years, they have been dedicated to the pursuit of and appreciation for art toys, eagerly celebrating the newest releases. This year, DesignerCon provides a plethora of new and exciting, supported by returning fan-favorites, for the ultimate collector experience. The […]

BigBadToyStore and Fresh Monkey Fiction Announce Operation: Monster Force

By Staff Reports BigBadToyStore’s new venture BigBadWorkshop and Fresh Monkey Fiction proudly present Operation: Monster Force exclusively available at BigBadToyStore. Each 1:12th scale Operation: Monster Force action figure includes over 20 points-of-articulation and includes accessories such as: alternate portraits, interchangeable hands, plus an Operation: Monster Force gravestone base for easy posing and display! Visit BBTS and check out their collection- […]

The NECA Vault Reopens with Limited Edition Horror and Batman Figures

By Staff Reports National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) has opened their action figure vault and found long-lost treasures from the past that collectors may have missed during their first run. This warehouse action figure find of the year (sorry, Star Wars™) includes limited-edition 1/4 scale figures from Batman, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and more. These limited-edition items will […]

DesignerCon Returns This Month With All Star Programming Spanning Physical and Digital

By Staff Reports DesignerCon has amassed an undeniable community of loyal and enthusiastic followers. Over the last 17 years, they have been dedicated to the pursuit of and appreciation for art toys, eagerly celebrating the newest releases. This year, DesignerCon provides a plethora of new and exciting, supported by returning fan favorites, for the ultimate collector experience. 9 unique collectible […]

Super7 Announces TMNT Ultimates! Wave 9

By Staff Reports Super7 has revealed TMNT Ultimates! Wave 9!!! Featuring a peacenik teen from Dimension X, a hoopster in a half-shell, a dynamic alien duo, a mutant cockroach, and a certain fuzzy ninja master, it’s the latest wave of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ULTIMATES!  The made-to-order 7” scale TMNT ULTIMATES! Figures of Zak, the Neutrino, Slam Dunkin’ Don, Wingnut […]

Super7 Announces Pre-order Exclusive Thundercats Ghost Jaga

By Staff Reports When the ThunderCats had to flee the doomed planet of Thundera on the Royal Flagship, Jaga sacrificed himself to guide the damaged vessel safely to Third Earth. Super7 honors his bravery with this 7” scale ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Ghost Jaga figure, inspired by the episode “The Ghost Warrior.” Featuring a ghostly translucent blue appearance, the Ghost Jaga ULTIMATES! […]


By Staff Reports The Nacelle Company, the studio behind Movies That Made Us, Toys That Made Us, Behind The Attraction, Center Seat: 55 Years of Star Trek, Icons Unearthed, and A Toy Store Near You, are excited to announce that their 24/7 OTT channel, NacellePop, will debut exclusively on Amazon Freevee on October 25, 2022. NacellePop features 24/7 continuous linear […]

Jada Next Level Announces Bela Lugosi Dracula Figure Exclusive

By Staff Reports This spectacularly sculpted action figure features Bela Lugosi in his unique and iconic portrayal as Count Dracula as seen in the classic Dracula stage play. This highly-detailed 6″ scale figure of the stage and silver screen star includes (2) detailed head-sculpts, (3) sets of hands, miniature replica posters/handbills and a wired cape to allow for dynamic posing. […]

Super7 Announces TOHO ULTIMATES! Wave 3

By Staff Reports Super7’s latest wave of Toho ULTIMATES! figures feature 1200°C Godzilla and Destoroyah, inspired by the 1995 film Godzilla vs Destoroyah. The JSDF had to resort to a desperate scheme to get these two Kaiju in the same place, but if you want to bring these made-to-order Toho ULTIMATES! figures together in your Kaiju collection, all you have […]

Hiya Toys Announces EXQUISITE MINI Storm Shadow Figure

By Staff Reports The EXQUISITE MINI Storm Shadow figures are ready to move from Hiya Toys. Storm Shadow is an elite Cobra ninja operative and an exiled member of the Arashikage ninja clan, one of Japan’s legendary families. He trained in their methods of infiltration and combat. Extremely skilled, blindingly fast, incredibly resilient, and devastatingly lethal. Elite-level expert in a […]

Super7 x The Worst x Acid Rain World Collaboration

By Staff Reports As a result of the distorted time-space of the Annex World, inter-dimensional portals of different worlds open and begin to intertwine with one another… Cortex Commander and his army of cybernetic cerebral soldiers have traveled through one of these inter-dimensional portals to continue their diabolical campaign. Known as The Ruthless Mastermind of Chaos, Cortex Commander and his […]